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The sad truth is that women in this world are sex objects, and men are power objects. I have never completely understood why this is the case (because for the most part men are interested in women eventually besides having someone in their lives as a mate and therefore sexual relations) so biologically sometimes I think nature should have created males more physically attractive as it did with females. And I don’t mean changing them much biologically except mostly in male skin. I always feel that even as males any age and especially when get older their skin turns a-lot more rough than females. More importantly, males a at even young ages look rougher than females biologically this should be the case.
But I am digressing, yes I agree with a-lot of what you said here. Power objects as I stated is the same or similar to the leader of the pack type of guys you stated here.
I just asked out a girl today. I was eating pizza, and yes I was debating it, as I saw this beautiful young woman, and patting my back for going for it I did.
Well I got rejected. However I thought why is she hesitant, however she smiled when I said of course before I might take her out I would shave. Long story short she said no, and she said” I’m really not interested, also I’m married?”
Two things came into my head, she was partially considering me when she smiled because why didn’t she tell me upfront right at the start she was married.
Second thing was, Unfortunately I think she was judging me based on my clothes. I wasn’t really sloppy per se, I had actually just got out of swimming practice. However I wasn’t in a suit or dressed up I suppose. Also I’m not sure if she was judging me based on wearing sneakers instead of shoes or good shoes?

However I am still glad I went up to her as I can use her experience to shape other future encounters, and also because I know it is not easy for all men to approach women.
I would like your opinion of this experience I had.

I also think your article didn’t go far enough into depth. If physical appearance doesn’t matter as much for men when a woman is evaluating a man, then as you are saying it seems to be for men when trying to pick up a girlfriend, one-night stand or whatever (casual sex).
Then how does age come into play? In other words was this article meant for 20 something men and women, 30 something men or women or older?

Women all around the world are different. Would you ever believe that a Russian acts the same way as an Italian? Or that a Jewish girl you want to date will like the same things as an Arab? No way! We can all agree that they will still be attracted to high value and charismatic men, for that’s universal. But still, the folklores and values of each society and nation will make all these women unique. Many things that work with a French might not work with a Brazilian and so on.